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When it comes to having a place to store your belongings, using a self-storage facility is the route most people take. There are all kinds of storage facilities that can accommodate many of your storage needs. For instance, not only can you store your clothes, furniture and household goods, there are even storage facilities that have units for your vehicles and even your boat! 

While there are companies that offer a full service when it comes to storing your things, meaning they will come and pick up your belongings and store them for you, this is done at a somewhat hefty price. Not only is the price a deterrent for most people, but having someone else pack your things can be a problem as well. Maybe you need to access certain boxes sometimes but the way your boxes were loaded makes that impossible. That can be a real problem later on down the line. 

Most people would rather handle everything themselves via self-storage because the cost is way more affordable and the process is much easier. You can pack things how you want, leaving room to access certain things and retrieve items as you wish. Maybe you don’t need every item stored permanently and some things you want to retrieve at a later time. With a self-storage space, you can do just that. 

Renting a unit for storage is super easy. In fact, you don’t even have to leave your house in order to lease one. If you are in Minnesota, simply search for any self storage vadnais heights mn and see a list of affordable self-storage companies in your area. As long as you have an idea of the size unit you want, you can reserve it online and then pay on your move in date. Some companies even have special deals that allow you to have a month or so free if you are a new customer or just for new rentals in general. 

Once you’ve reserved your space, you will just bring all of your things on you move in date. Or, if for whatever reason you are not ready to move in at the time of your appointment, you could still complete your lease agreement and handle the loading at a later time. With self storage, you have access to your space pretty much anytime you want. With most facilities, the renters are given a code to the gate so you can get in and out as you please. 

Monthly rental prices for these types of units is really affordable and like most rental agreements, it is paid monthly. Keep in mind that, like any other rental agreement, if you fail to pay, you could risk your things being ‘evicted’. This eviction process takes place in the form of an auction where the facility will basically sell the entire contents of your unit at an auction as a way of recouping delinquent fees. 

However, many companies would much rather have the money rather than go through with an auction and usually don’t go this route unless the rent has been in arrears for awhile, usually about 90 days. And in most cases, if you talk to your property manager directly and let them know when you will be making a payment, they can work with you and hold off on selling your things. The benefits of storing your items this way are plentiful, and the process is hassle free!

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