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The days after a loved one passes feel overwhelming, dark, altogether confusing. The abrupt change that happens when a person leaves this earth leaves a gaping hole in the lives of many. Immediate family is left reeling and trying to pick up the pieces of their life and put them back together without the person that they loved dearly. After the funeral, burial, or cremation is complete there are still so many tasks that need to be performed. One of the biggest challenges that the bereaved encounter is how to tackle the deceased’s home and possessions. 

Where to Begin 

Entering a deceased loved one’s home is an emotional experience. Memories are attached to the home and inanimate objects. It is best to not perform this task alone. Instead, bring a family support system. Together everyone can share stories, laugh, cry, and begin to heal together. Beginning with the basics, it is a good idea to bring garbage bags, boxes, and cleaning materials. It is best not assuming that the home has the items and even if they did there likely will not be enough supplies for the entire job. 

Deciding What Stays and Goes 

One particularly positive aspect of going through a loved one’s possessions with family is that group decisions can be made together. Each person can take a closet or a room and begin to empty it and sort the contents. While some things are clearly meant for the trash can, others can be debatable on whether the item should go to a family member, be sold, or donated. Making a pile of clothes, books, kitchen items, knick knacks, collectibles, tools, etc. by type can make it easier to see what there is. Next, the family can decide what to keep in remembrance as personal keepsakes and where the rest will go. 

Organizing and Distributing 

In many cases, a home is sold after a loved one passes so it needs to be empty and clean. Items of value that the family has decided to sell and share the proceeds need to be stored off-site. Self storage units Westminster CO are the ideal solution. They can be leased for short or long periods of time making it one less thing for the bereaved family to worry about. Using storage facilities also give the family time to find buyers for valuables without rushing and taking a low offer. In other cases, some people decide to keep family heirlooms but simply do not have enough room at their home for the items so they use storage to keep them safe until they have available space. 

The loss of a loved one is made even more challenging when faced with sorting their belongings. Cleaning out their home is best done with family for support and to make decisions together. After cleaning, sorting, and organizing the family can better see what there is and what to do with it all. The process can be cathartic and healing.


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