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The weather is starting to warm up and with many outdoor events on the horizon thoughts of party planning might have begun. There truly isn’t anything quite like an outdoor party. It is a classic way to enjoy the weather and have plenty of open space. In order to have a successful outdoor event, it is important to do some pre-party planning. These essential outdoor party planning tips will help ensure that the event is a success. 

Choosing the Right Location 

A small family or friend event doesn’t usually require a change of location. A backyard is ideal. Other times, when more guests are invited or there isn’t a yard available, another location must be chosen. Parks an excellent option. They often have many activities available at one place such as a playground, pool, existing grills, walking paths, and so on. The last option is to rent out a private facility. 

Prepare for Rain 

The weather can be unpredictable and that is why it is important to always have a rain plan. If the event is at a home simply bring everyone inside. Most parks have shelters that can be rented out for a nominal fee. They have picnic tables, garbage cans, and grills. Instead of just meeting at a picnic table, renting a shelter ahead of time is a better option. Rented spaces will vary based on what is available. Be sure to consider the weather before deciding. 

Planning for Large Groups 

Big events are extra fun, but there are a few necessities that need to be addressed due to the number of guests. Regardless of the location, lots of people mean plenty of bathroom use. Any porta potty rentals are the answer to the problem. Parking is another concern. Not every neighborhood has enough street parking for many guests. This is where parks and rentals have an advantage because there is plentiful free parking for guests. 

Final Checklist 

Right before the event, double check that there is plenty of paper goods such as plates, cups, napkins, forks, toilet paper, paper towels, and so on. Extra garbage bags are a good idea too as bins fill quickly at parties. Leading up to the party date keep an eye on the weather forecast so that there is plenty of notice is the rain plan must be utilized. Most of the time not everyone that was invited or RSVP’ed shows up, but there needs to be enough food and other materials in case everyone does arrive. 

Outdoor parties are some of the best aspects of the warm seasons. When planning an outdoor event the location should be chosen first followed by creating a rain plan in case of inclement weather. Large groups need extra bathrooms and parking, plan ahead to prevent party mishaps. Finally, right before the party, a check of the weather is helpful for planning. Paper goods and food must be plentiful for all the invited persons whether they RSVP’ed or not.

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