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There will likely be a time when you know someone who has passed away. A visitation service is often held at a funeral home so that friends and family members can pay their respects. Before you attend any type of service at a funeral home, there are a few things that you should keep in mind. 

If you’ve never been to a visitation most funeral homes barrington nj families use for their loved ones, then you might not be aware of what takes place. This is a time when you can offer your condolences to the immediate family and when you can share your memories about the person who has died. Although most visitation services are held in the funeral home, there are some held at churches before the funeral service or in the home of a family member. There will likely be a certain time for the visitation. You can go at any time during those hours and stay as long as you need. However, you should be respectful to the family as to not stay too long past the final hour of the service so that everyone can go home to prepare for the funeral. 

Sometimes, the family might request that the visitation service is only for close family members or friends with the funeral being reserved for others who knew the individual. If you feel as though you aren’t among the people who have been invited or asked to attend the funeral home services, then you need to respect the wishes that have been set forth by the family. 

Most visitations are solemn occasions. You will likely see people crying or even people who appear to be a bit hysterical at times, especially if the person was loved by many people or if the death was unexpected. When determining what to wear, find something that you might wear to church as it’s an occasion when you want to look as presentable as possible. Try to offer encouraging words while speaking in soft tones as you don’t want to upset those who are in attendance. Step outside for a few moments if you feel that you are unable to control your emotions. 

Sometimes, the words that you want to say might not escape from your mouth. Try to be as brief as you can when you speak to the family as there are other people who want to offer their thoughts as well. Let the family know how you know the person and that you are sorry for the family’s loss. If you feel as though you want to say more to the family, then consider getting a sympathy card so that you have space to write down a few more details. Keep in mind that there could be an open casket at the visitation service. If you plan to take children to the service, then explain to them about what to expect and what they could see. If possible, let your children sit with someone in the funeral home instead of viewing the person in the casket.


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