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Drain cleaning is the process of cleaning drain pipelines that carry wastewater from residential, commercial and industries establishments. Drain cleaning is an essential endeavor for every business and residential owners to keep health regulations in order. It’s also the responsibility of the local government to set standards and regulations regarding drain and sewer maintenance.

Most cities are keen to its drain and sewer maintenance as it has a responsibility for not only ensuring the prolongation of drain and sewerage but also access to private sewer and drain connections throughout the city. They have established long and short plans in its maintenance and inspection of its drain and sewer channels. However local plumbers and cleaning services business has been created to help in thorough perpetuation and review of the drain and sewer pipelines. Drain systems are either residential- homes and commercial drains. Both the residential and commercial drains likes of grease traps, bathroom clogs, kitchen sinks, and sewer lines, are customarily maintained and diagnosed by local plumbers.

Grease Traps

Grease traps found in restaurants and homes are an essential part of the sewer and drainage system, and they should always be kept clean at all times to avoid clogging and build-ups. Grease trap prevents grease washed down the drain from entering the sewer system thus causing clogging or blockage.

Some cities requires that grease traps to be cleaned monthly or when the grease trap is ¼ full of grease.Grease is cleaned by hand or by removing the dividers and snaking the line every time to ensure no clog buildup. However, in large complexes and buildings, plumbers’ advice on using larger grease tanks to service the drain channels rather than many small drain pipes.

Bathroom Clogs

Public bathrooms are mostly affected by issues on the drainage system. Many times, sinks and toilets in public bathrooms clog due to too much toilet paper dumping and careless usage of the toilet. It’s, therefore, necessary to get residential septic services lancaster pa to drain and to maintain proper hygiene.

Plungers are the “first aid” of drain cleaning in sinks and toilets, however, for more massive recurring problems an electric snake machine is necessary. The device uses a metal cable to enter the drain and flush out any clogs in the channel. The metal connected to an electric motor spins the metal, pushing it forward for a precise clog removal.To avoid the extra cost and government fines, plumbers however advice on using enough toilet paper and avoiding feminine flushing products into the toilet sinks to prevent clogging.

Drain cleaning is an essential procedure in both commercial and residential places, and it should, openly and extensively done to maintain hygiene. , Its important to note that some cities have established a strategic plan to help in maintaining the drainage and sewer system. Sewer pipes, drainage channels, and other systems are supported and inspected by a closed circuit TV once every ten years and emergency inspections regularly done when need be.


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