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A septic system failure can spell disaster if not taken care of in time. As such, it is always advisable that you do regular maintenance of your system to ensure that its functioning is on the optimum. Considering that this is your onsite facility for sewage treatment, it should be handled with proper care. By performing a septic system service Cincinnati oh, you can be assured of dependable performance all year round. So, what are some of the common practices that will keep your septic system working? 

Mind What Goes Into Your Tank 

If you are looking at extending the lifespan of your septic system, then you will need to take care of what goes into the tank. As a rule of thumb, you should never deposit fats, cooking oil, napkins, coffee grounds, wet tissues, cigarettes, diapers and such other non-biodegradable products. These substances are known to clog your septic tank, thus leading to frequent repairs. 

Additionally, you also ought to be mindful of the household chemical you use. Notably, chemicals like detergent, bleach and drain cleaners can be disastrous to the normal functioning of your septic system. This is because such chemicals are known to stop the functioning of the bacteria in your tank that is known to help break down the waste. 
Keep an eye on the drain field 

The drain field is one of the most vital components of your septic system. This is especially so considering it helps to remove the solid waste from the liquid. In order to improve the lifespan of your drain field, it is advisable that you do not plant any trees near the area as its roots have the potential to grow into the drain field, thus destroying it. You should also take care not to park your car near the area as this can spell disaster to the drain field. 

Do A Regular Inspection Of Your System 

Just like any other system, your septic system needs regular inspection and monitoring. In this case, you may need to seek the services of a professional who understands how best to inspect the system and advice you accordingly. This will not only help nab any problems before they become too serious. 

Go For Plumbing Services 

Your septic system will need to be offloaded every two years. This is an important practice that ensures all the solid waste that has accumulated over time is broken down properly. Apart from enhancing the overall lifespan of the septic system, regular pumping will also help prevent potential system failure. 

By keeping up these recommended practices, you can rest assured that the lifespan of your septic tank will be greatly improved. However, it is always recommended that you seek the help of a professional when performing regular checks and maintenance. By using a professional, you are assured of expert advice. They will thoroughly inspect every section of your septic system while checking on any signs of damage or leakage. What’s more, they will also pinpoint the source of the problem and advice you accordingly on how to avoid it in the future.


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