Some Driving Lessons For The Young Drivers And Teenagers

For many of the teenagers, learning to drive is their ultimate dream and having a driving lesson opens their gate towards getting P license and gradually towards the home of freedom and independence. However, many teenagers also crash their cars leading to major accidents. As a parent, it is your role for providing the correct tips for your teenager’s driving lessons.

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Driving lessons for The Teenagers

  • Mobile phone away

The learners are P drivers are not allowed to use their mobile phones while driving. It leads to unsafe driving because of cognitive disturbance. Before starting on the engine, the trainer switches off your phone and keeps it out of reach. The teens must know the right ways of driving and no one can help him out so much.

  • Wearing of seat belt

Ensure that the teenagers are wearing their seat belts and as per researches, you are 10 times more likely to be killed in road crashes when you are not wearing a seat belt. Seat belts help in distributing the forces from saving the chest and pelvis against the crash.

  • Sticking to the speed limit

Speeding kills a lot of youngsters, and thus the teenagers are not in a hurry to keep up with other vehicles in traffics. Keeping the limit on point and not increasing it can prevent the risks of accidents and the drivers are also avoiding the costly traffic lines affecting the car insurance premiums.

  • Be active and then drive

Teens might not be smart enough to drink and drive, so it is essential that they sleep first and then be active enough to drive. About 15% of the car crashes are because of rash driving after drinking. Young drivers are having the dangers of drink driving.

Teach all the teenagers about the warnings of sleep-driving. There can be many problems like difficulty focusing, frequent blinking, trouble in keeping the head up, daydreaming, etc. If you are feeling sleepy, pull over for at least 20 minutes before getting back to the road for driving again.

  • Don’t drive with other’s blind spot

Teenagers should know their blind spot well when they are driving vehicles as well as those of others too. If they are driving right and slightly behind the other car, then the other car might not be able to see you. The teens should pull alongside or even drop back until they see the other car’s mirrors.

  • Checking of blind spot every time

Rearview and side view mirrors are used for seeing what is happening sideways. Drivers must check blind spots:

  1. When leaving the car in parked positions
  2. Before changing of lanes
  3. Before a three-point turn, etc.


Instilling good driving habits will save you from accidents and make you a responsible driver!

The Many Benefits of Online Quran Classes

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said that the best Muslims learn and teach the Quran. As human beings, we know that one of the most basic needs for us is to keep learning. When we enter the world, we can’t speak or understand anything. As we grow, our learning abilities slowly develop. Eventually, we grow up enough to start going to school. This is the stage at which children should start taking online Quran classes as well.

Learning the Quran is just as important as anything else. In fact, it is arguably more important than other Education Centre. That is because it is essential to know how to read and recite Arabic. Reading Surah al-Fatiha is a pillar of the five daily prayers, and without that, we cannot fulfill this pillar of Islam. Hence, to fulfill our obligations to Allah, we must take online Quran classes and learn all about the Quran.

Reasons to take online Quran classes

Technology has become a very popular means of doing things over the past couple of decades. Online Quran academies have also taken advantage of this opportunity. As a result, there are many options when it comes to learning the Quran online. The days of going to a Quran institution to learn the Quran are past us. That is no longer the only mainstream method. Here, we will look at some of the reasons why you should consider taking online Quran classes.

1.      Flexibility

When you opt to learn the Quran online, you have a ton of options that you can take according to your circumstances. Children may be busy due to studies and other activities during various times of the day. Adults may also study or be busy due to work. Hence, the Quran student would want to take the class at an odd timing, perhaps. That’s completely fine because there are online Quran tutors all over the world, serving students worldwide. Additionally, you can also choose how often you want to take the online class and progress at your own speed.

2.      Comfort

There is no question that studying from your own home guarantees comfort. You can sit in your favorite chair in your room. All you need to do is to turn on your computer or smart device, log on to Skype or the designated application, and start the class. You don’t need to worry about getting prepared to go to someplace that may be far away from your home.

3.      Convenience

Taking online Quran classes is very convenient. You don’t need to spend time and money on traveling anywhere. You just need to have a good internet connection and a device that can connect to it. You can study from home, or if you’re traveling, from a place such as a hotel. Basically, any place that you’re residing in is good enough for learning as long as it’s quiet and has good internet.

4.      Affordability

Online Quran academies have very competitive prices, especially for students in the USA or UK. You get an excellent package with outstanding online Quran tutors. You can take as many lessons as you want. Two lessons a week is the cheapest, but for only a bit more, you can take more weekly classes. Don’t forget to factor in the amount that you save on travel costs, etc., by foregoing conventional methods.

5.      Tutors

At QuranForKids, you get some of the best online Quran tutors available. With considerable experience in online teaching already, they have the ability to understand and help students. They know the ideal methods of conducting online Quran classes in a way that benefits the students and help them to learn at a quick pace. Direct interaction between the teacher and student allows learners to progress at a much quicker pace than studying in a classroom.

6.      Skills

By studying online, you develop a host of important skills that you need in your everyday life. With technology being so important nowadays, it’s essential to know about computers and smart devices. If you’re not well-accustomed to using them, then you will learn a lot while taking online classes, developing your digital skills. You also better understand how to utilize the newest methods of learning that the world is moving toward. Additionally, online Quran classes instill discipline into students since they need to show up for classes on time and be responsible.


Learning the Quran online has a lot of benefits for the average person. There’s plenty to gain for students when they study the Quran. Most of all, they can get closer to Allah because the Quran is His Speech. While you do miss out on visiting the mosque and earning rewards, you nevertheless gain the benefit of learning the Quran, which will help you throughout your life.

Online Quran classes are essential for all Muslims. Those who don’t know it or Muslim parents with young children should look into introducing their children to this. At QuranForKids, we offer a free one-week trial for all new students. Simply register at our website and start your journey right away!

Hotel Marketing – Some Outstanding Ideas to Boost Your Business and Customer Loyalty

Hospitality industries have boomed with advanced marketing strategies and competition. Hoteliers are adopting different marketing channels to attract new customers. They are also bringing modern hospitality ideas to increase the frequency of their existing customers’ visits. Nowadays, hotels are more than just a fortnight stays during your business trips.

For effective hotel marketing, hoteliers are actively organizing amusing campaigns, making customer-based amenities and prioritizing customized services. It has helped them to build long-term customer relationships and add more happy and loyal customers to their list. Your loyal customers may help you advertise your hotel to their friends and family and increases the probability of a few more customers.

  1. Provide exclusive experiences

A customer will return if you have something different to offer. You may provide free check-in snacks, discounted emergency check-out, special combo discounts, pick-up and drop services, and much more attractive facilities. Special cares like providing custom packed tiffin or lunch for customers going to business meetings can help you win their loyalty.

You may send promotional and customized gifts to loyal customers on their special celebrations like birthdays and anniversaries. During check-out, you can give customized gifts inside a promotional bag to promote your hotel business.

Since 2009, Custom Earth Promos is engaged in manufacturing and supplying customized eco-friendly products. You can order sanitizer with custom imprint at wholesale prices to advertise your business during the Covid19 pandemic. They are located in Florida, U.S.A., and have been producing reusable products from recycled materials as per the regulations of California’s Proposition 65.

  1. Create special amenities

Mostly all hotels have similar facilities like gyms, swimming pools, game zones, and other amenities to amuse their guests. However, customers are looking for more value-added services and specialized amenities. You must encourage your team to gather ideas and take advice from your customers. Convert them into reality to stand out from the crowd.

You may organize cocktail parties, musical events, special itinerary packages, and other special events to keep them engaged and entertained during their vacations. You may also include some peculiar facilities like emergency first-aid for out-patients and childcare facilities for family trips.

  1. Encourage Loyalty programs

You can provide special offers and reward point systems to regular customers. It will attract them for future visits. The special VIP treatment for frequent customers will help you create an exceptional bonding and sense your gratitude towards them. You may provide special offers like discounts on their drinks, free snacks, special night transport facilities and much more.

Regular interactions through emails, messages, and other social media can help you maintain a friendly relation with your customers. You may also invite them to your promotional events and special functions organized at your hotel. It will insist them to claim their reward points.

  1. Establish digital and social media presence

You must bring your business to social media for creating wide networks of existing and potential customers. Create digital flyers, short videos, and podcasts of special events, seasonal offers, and new dishes to share with your online community. It will make your online audience aware of your latest ongoing business happenings. Some positive reviews from existing customers on your social media can increase your brand value and trustworthiness.