The convenience of an online Quran academy

The Prophet (PBUH) said that the superiority of Allah’s speech against all other speech was like Allah’s superiority over all of creation. Hence, the Quran is the most valuable book on Earth for a Muslim. It is the most important book that we will ever read or understand. This is one of the primary reasons why online Quran academies are so immensely popular nowadays.

Allah says in the Quran that the Holy Book is blessed; therefore, we should follow it if we want Allah’s mercy. Learning the Quran and understanding what Allah has stated in it is a very important part of being Muslim. Doing this allows us to know our obligations toward Allah from all aspects of Islam.

Online Quran academies allow you to study from the comfort of your home. You can continue your daily activities, including studies, work, etc. while finding a certain amount of time for online Quran classes.

  • Benefits of an online Quran academy

Online Quran academies are a fantastic option for Muslims all over the world. Muslims in countries like the USA and UK may not have many alternatives to online options, therefore online Quran academies may be their only way of getting to learn more about the Quran.

With these online classes, you have a lot of convenience and flexibility, while affordability is a factor as well. The convenience aspect is there because people can study from the comfort of their homes without traveling anywhere at all. The flexibility aspect comes in when you realize that students can take classes at any time that may be comfortable for them. People all over the world take online Quran classes. Therefore there are no time limitations. Affordability is a result of the growing demand and industry. As a result, prices are competitive to ensure that online Quran academies pull in a good number of students.

With these classes, you get direct one on one interaction between student and teacher, unlike traditional classes that are held in groups or classrooms. Online Quran lessons put in the duration of the lesson toward the student in front of them, which ensures good interaction between the two parties. Progress is also faster as a result. However, on the flip side, direct face to face contact is lost in this manner as is person to person interaction, with technology-assisted calls becoming the main medium of communication. This may make it difficult to concentrate for some students.

  • Types of online Quran classes

A variety of different courses are available depending on the student’s requirements. Some students may be at the beginner stage, knowing nothing about Arabic or the Quran, while others may be at an advanced stage.

The most basic class at a Quran academy is the Quran reading class, which is designed to help students to understand how to read the Holy Book and pronounce the Arabic letters in it. Another option is the Arabic class, where students learn the same thing, but there is also a focus on understanding Arabic.

Quran memorization classes are extremely popular as well, with excellent teachers ensuring that students learn the Quran in the best manner possible. Quran translation is a crucial course for any online Quran academy. The students need to be aware of the meanings of the Quran as well so that they can implement that in their lives and act upon the meanings. is a well-respected online Quran academy with high-quality teachers and an excellent record. Sign up for our free one-week trial to start learning the Quran today!

Your Guide to Cooking Dungeness Crab

Alaska Dungeness Crab is not only a beloved Alaskan seafood, it is also one of the most festive crab dishes you can place on your menu. They say that for taste and value, cooking Dungeness crab for sale is legs above the rest. It is classically served whole, either hot or cold, and paired with melted butter or dipping sauces, including mayonnaise, aioli, and flavored butters such as mustard butter. Available precooked, this superior shellfish has a distinctive sweet flavor and bright orange shell color.

Alaska Dungeness crab is available by the pound in either the frozen food sections, seafood section or meat department of supermarkets, grocery stores or specialty seafood stores. Generally speaking, it is typical to see the price at $4.99 to $5.99 per pound though some markets can price it as low as $2.49. The largest and most flavorful ones comes from Alaska. It enjoys a connoisseur’s reputation, and is well known for its quality. It is treasured for its beautiful orange shell color, characteristic sweet flavor and tender flaky white meat.

Before cooking Dungeness crab for sale, first put it into the freezer about 15 minutes to dull its senses. Bring a large pot of water to boil, heavily salted or not, your choice. Place the crab head first into the water. Depending on the size of your crab, cook for 15 to 18 minutes. Once boiled, you will need to clean your crab. Remove the flap of the shell on the bottom of the crab and then lift off the top, which may require a little force. Pull off the gill tissue and rinse off the grayish substance, which some people reserve for “butter” (though some argue that it should not be eaten due to the potentially high levels of toxicities). Break or cut the legs into pairs and serve.

Arguably the best ways to serve Alaska Dungeness crab is thoroughly heated and simply cracked, with melted butter, mayonnaise or a favorite dipping sauce. However, the delicate flavor of it takes well to a wide range of seasonings and other ingredients. You can also cook its meat into crab cakes, crab corn pudding, bisques, or Crab etouffe’. However you choose to prepare it, cooking Dungeness crab should definitely be a part of your culinary repertoire.

Generally speaking, a good tip on how to cook crabs is to condiment the water you boil them in. A little Old Bay, perhaps, or simply bay leaves, celery stalks, salt, or any mixture thereof, as long as it’s in proportion. After boiling for the specified time,