A Museum Dedicated to Towing and Recovery

It is late at night and you are broken down on the shoulder of Route 95 in Northern Virginia. You ask your phone to find any 24 hour towing services woodbridge va. The wrecker arrives, and the operator is so kind and professional you think, “This individual should be in the International Museum of Towing and Recovery”. 

The Museum’s Founding 

Located in Chattanooga Tennessee the International Museum of Towing and Recovery began two decades ago as a traveling exhibit that visited towing and recovery trade shows. The idea for the museum was conceived by members of an organization for towing professionals the Friends of Towing. The IMTR’S mission is to preserve the history of the towing industry through printed materials and the gathering restoration, and display of towing artifacts. 

The Towing And Recovery Hall Of Fame 

To fulfill the second part of its mission the museum established a hall of fame to recognize those who have made significant contributions to the towing industry and or humanity. To preserve the memories of towing and recovery operators who died while on the job the hall of fame features a Wall Of The Fallen. The IMTR also provides monetary support to the families of the industry’s fallen. 

The First Tow Truck 

In 1916 a driver lost control of their Model T. The car went down an embankment and landed in Chattanooga’s Chickamauga Creek. According to an account on Wikipedia a half dozen men worked to get the flivver out of the water. Other sources place the number of men present at eight, nine, and ten. However, many there were auto repair shop owner Ernest Holmes was definitely among those struggling to recover the car. 

It was then that Holmes conceived an idea that would spawn an industry. Working with two other men Holmes set about building the first tow truck. The first improvement Holmes made to his prototype was the addition of outriggers to stabilize the truck while the winch was in operation. Holmes’ original wrecker is displayed at the International Museum of Towing and Recovery. 

Towing Trivia 

The first tow truck was a modified 1913 Cadillac. The first patent for a wrecker was granted to Ernest Holmes in 1919. The first tow trucks for general distribution were built on the chassis of used cars. The first commercially successful wrecker the Holmes 485 was named for its selling price. The 485 replaced the 680 ($680) which was considered to be overpriced. 

Clocked by NASCAR the world’s fastest wrecker according to ITM hit over 109 mph at Talladega Speed Way. The world’s largest recovery truck was built for a Canadian towing company. Costing $1 million the truck features a boom that can reach across a highway. With the boom’s 80-ton capacity the rig can lift semis. The smallest tow trucks in the world are not trucks. The traffic congestion in Asian cities has led to the creation of motorcycles equipped for towing.

Five Practical Tips On How To Prepare For An Office Or Residential Move

Moving houses or offices, from one part of the city and neighborhood to another or even across the country is more of a process than an event. It, therefore, calls for adequate preparations if you are to get it right. Ideally, every relocation process can be split into three parts that help you reduce the costly inconveniences that are often brought about by ill-preparedness. These include the pre-move, the moving day, and post-move factors that you have to put into consideration when planning your move. To help make you the relocation as stress-free as possible here are a few tips on apt preparedness: 

Start By Sorting And Decluttering Long Before The Moving Date 

Sorting out your belongings and decluttering to only carry out with you is probably the most important aspect of the move. However, it is also probably the most neglected part of the process. Ideally, the process of sorting and decluttering should start several weeks before the actual moving date, but most people tend to constantly procrastinate and only rush through it as the date draws near. Remember that the amount of household and office belongings you intend to carry along correlate directly with the total moving cost. 

Engage A Moving Company Early On 

Are you planning a local or long distance move, keeping in mind that the level of preparation required for the two operations is worlds apart? For instance, while a local move calls for light packing and charges by the hour, long-distance moves are charged based on the quantity of your belongings and distance of the move. You might also require authorization and permits from the state offices. In addition to helping iron out these issues, engaging any professional movers knoxville tn early on provides you with adequate time identify a moving company that falls within your budget. 

Agree On Every Party’s Contribution To The Move 

Do you wish to handle the packing and unpacking and do you have the packing materials? Simply put, to what extent would you like to involve the professional moving services provider? Agreeing on every party’s role in facilitating the move early on and having them in writing helps avoid any confusion that may end up inconveniencing your household or leading to business losses. 

Examine The New Premise 

Do they allow for the use of lift when moving into the building? Do they have enough packing space for the moving truck or will you have to pack a distance from the new premises? Similarly, are the staircases and doors wide enough to fit your bulky belongings like piano or boardroom tables or will you need to them dismantled or rigged? Such inconveniences end up inflating the moving cost. You can, however, plan for them by organizing a reconnaissance before the move. 

Have A Contingency Plan For Extra Belongings 

This particularly applies to individuals and businesses whose relocation was informed by the need to downsize. In such a case, you will probably have a few valuable, sentimental or otherwise, items that don’t fit your new premises. It is important that you engage a moving and storage services provider where you can rent out a storage unit as you find space for these extra belongings. 

Bottom line 

Planning a stress-free move requires time. Dedicate enough to plan the pre-move, organize the moving day, and how to handle post move emergencies like inadequate space. If you can handle it by yourself, hire a professional moving company and have them handle every detail up to unpacking at the new premises.

How to Get the Best HVAC Contractor

Electrical works in a house are very critical and need preciseness and professionalism when handling. Installation of electrical products such as installation, repair, and maintenance of air conditioners is a significant undertaking. Therefore, for you to get the best HVAC contractor, you will need to put some extra efforts. Some well-known skills and strategies will help you to get a professional contractor for all your electrical works. Some of the plans have been discussed in this article at length. 

Referrals from friends and family members remain to be one of the most reliable methods of getting the best HVAC contractor in your local area. You should ask some family members, friends, or neighbors, who are familiar with the local contractors, before deciding to hire one for your electrical applications. Importantly, you should consider getting referrals from reliable individuals, especially those who you can trust. Some people might refer you to one of their friends so that they can get a contract at your expense. 

Online reviews are also becoming a reliable method of determining the best HVAC contractor for your air conditioning works. Google reviews are the most reliable ones as they do not have filters and they show the reviews that have been presented by all people. Social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter are also beneficial in providing reviews. However, you should avoid some review sites as they filter the negative comments written by individuals. Filtering means that you will not be getting the actual reviews of a particular contractor. 

It is also necessary to consider the training and licensing of the HVAC contractor who might turn up for your contract once it is advertised. There are many technicians out there who are interested in the electrical works. Next time you are looking for a boiler repair mansfield oh, consider hiring individuals who have certification from the regulatory bodies and the necessary licenses. Certification and licenses mean that a contractor is professionally trained to handle electrical works. 

Experience is also a necessity every time you are considering hiring a professional contractor for your electrical works. Homeowners spend a significant amount of money when buying air conditioners. This means that they will only hire an individual who will guarantee safety and accuracy in their work. An experienced contractor will handle air conditioning installations, repair, and maintenance in a professional manner while at the same time delivering quality work. Hiring amateurs could lead to unwanted results. 

Lastly, it is necessary to consider cost implications every time you are hiring a professional HVAC contractor. As a homeowner, you should consider paying a reasonable amount of money while at the same time not compromising on quality. Spending the right amount means that all the necessary equipment are brought to the site. The money to pay for the services rendered should be available. Homeowners should avoid overspending on a particular electrical work with the illusion that they are paying for quality works. It is necessary to consider the going price before deciding on the amount to spend on the contract.

Steps To Follow To Ensure You Get The Best Plumber To Fix Your Drainage System

Plumbing is one of the most critical professions that every human being rely on, if not precisely the most. This is because virtually every home relies on plumbers to fix their drainage systems and water pipe systems whenever they break down. The work of a plumber is quite critical because it entails more than just repair and maintenance of the drainage systems. During the construction of every home or buildings in the city, there must be some involvement of a plumber, who is expected to install the drainage systems and the septic so that the buildings can be fit to host human life. 

The increase in population and the rate of building in the state of New Mexico has made the demand for plumbing services skyrocket. This is because the more the building the people erect, the higher the demand for the plumbers to fix the drainage and septic in the structures. This has made the services to become very expensive and hence rewarding to the plumbers. Getting a professional plumber to set up or fix simple septic tank systems albuquerque nm requires the homeowner or a real estate dealer to part with a significant amount of cash so that they can get the best services in the region. 

Whenever you may be looking forward to hiring a plumber, there are several aspects that you should examine and confirm before you settle on any of them. One of the aspects that you should look for is the experience of the plumber. You need to make sure that the plumber is familiar with the issue that they are about to fix so that you can be sure that they would have a sufficient solution to the problem. You wouldn’t want to hire a quack who has just dropped out of college to come and experiment with your critically damaged drainage system. An experienced plumber gives the homeowner the confidence that they require to know that their issue would be fixed without any complications arising. 

However, the issue of experience should never bar you from seeking the services of a young plumber who have the sufficient qualifications to perform the role at hand. The other consideration should be the reputation of the plumber or their company. This is an essential step in getting the best of the many professionals in the market. You want to hire a plumber who would deliver the best services possible and in the best and most efficient way possible. Therefore, you need to look into their websites, if they have, or on social media to see the reviews that they have received from the customers who they have served in the past. Positive reviews would indicate that the plumber is professional and are likely to fix your plumbing issues professionally

On the other hand, the plumbers with a handful of negative comments or reviews would indicate that they have some challenges handling either the problems at hand or their clients. This would be enough reason to avoid their services and choose the services of the professionals who have a record of offering satisfactory services to their clients.

Saving Our Planet Little By Little

Our planet and the environment are two of our most important yet extremely neglected resources. For years, the fight to save our planet has been an ongoing campaign, and even more so with global warming being at the forefront of our environmental issues. Greenhouse gas emissions, as well as many other types of air and land pollution, have such a drastic impact on our environment. With climate change being an ever-worsening threat, it important that we all do our part to help save our beautiful planet. 

There are many things each of us can do to help contribute to a healthy environment and preserve our planet for future generations. One of those things, as many people do already, is recycling. Recycling helps to eliminate excessive waste, preserve resources and greatly reduce air pollution caused by factories and plants. However, one major cause of pollution that many people don’t think about, is improper waste removal. 

Improperly disposing of certain waste can wreak havoc on our ecosystem and resources without many of us even realizing it. Sure, whenever you finish a can of air freshener, you might take note of the warning advising you in regards to disposal. However, when was the last time you saw instructions for proper disposal of cooking oil? As harmless as leftover cooking oil may seem, improperly disposing of oil can mean a myriad of disasters. Not only does pouring oil down the drain clog pipes, but this can also lead to backups, flooding, foul odors, and even contamination and health issues. 

And if you are operating a restaurant, having clogged pipes could also affect your business. When it comes to handling grease disposal, most restaurants have a proper grease trap system in place that helps to prevent the oil from getting into the pipes. This system is extremely important and so, it’s working order must be maintained through proper cleaning. There are many companies who are experienced in cleaning traps of all sizes. No matter where your restaurant is located, a simple Google search will help you to find a company suitable for your needs. For example, if you are located in Chicago, simply google grease removal chicago il, and there will be plenty of companies to choose from. Not only are there companies who will clean the grease trap, but many companies will also even dispose of the grease for you. 

On the other hand, if you have just finished frying a nice golden batch of chicken for your family, grease disposalcan be very simple. Before handling the oil, it is important that you let it cool down completely. Once the oil has cooled, simply pour the oil into a lidded jar or can. If you do not have a jar, no worries, a plastic bag will do just fine. Once you’ve transferred the oil, simply seal the jar or tie the bag, then dispose of the entire contents normally. 

As with disposing of grease, there are lots of simple things we can do to help preserve our environment. Whether you’re properly disposing of waste or refraining from littering, it is the little things we do that make a big impact. Therefore, let us be conscious of what we do, so that we may all reap good benefits, in a big way!

The Importance of Naval Regulations

Security and safety are something that all countries and states give grave importance to. The protection and the security of their lands, their people, the economy and the welfare of the state is always of the best interest of any state or country. Security is applied and is present in different facets of government – security in land, seas, economy, market, information and people, are all important and have to work well with together in order to provide a safe and secure environment for their people. This means that the safer and more secure the systems are, the better quality of living for the people of the country or of the state.

Something like maritime security is one of the facets that concerns security of countries, especially for those countries that are surrounded by bodies of water – countries like Singapore, Philippines, Malaysia or Taiwan, are very specific with their naval security. Naval Security is very important for countries that are reliant and dependent on transactions and trade performed in seas because of the dangers that sea trading imposes. Problems like smuggling of illegal goods are easily done overseas because of the wide borders that the sea can cover in a country.

One of the main threats that face and challenge naval security is the presence of piracy. Piracy are acts of crime and violence that are performed on the seas, and they are done in boats or other seafaring vessels towards another entity in a coastal. Piracy is believed to exist since the dawn of sea faring and the dawn of the ability of humans to navigate in the seas. One good notable history that concerns piracy are the history of the Viking pirates that date all the way back to the 9th century in the region of Asia, and when colonialism sparked – pirates and piracy have been more than present and rampant because of the physical visibility of sea vessels that were found in all regions. Pirate attacks are the reasons that international law and sovereign state have developed rules and regulations when it comes to trade done in the seas. But as the regulations on sea rules were tightened, so did the pirates – they evolved and grew in number as well.

With the number of problems that are raised by naval trade, piracy and smuggling have also sparked attention from international governing bodies, and also national and local government units. A lot of government units have been developing and gave been improving on their maritime policies in order to protect their nation from problems that may arise in international waters. 

International disputes might also occur in international waters – an example would be the arising of new islands in international waters that are shared by neighboring countries. These naturally occurring events such as arising islands can cause legal disputes overseas – and the United Nations would be responsible for sorting out these maritime related issues. But then, national and local maritime regulations might be able to hold off disputes and issues long enough for the United Nations to rule out decisions.

Some Information on All Things Mold

Mold is a furry like fungus. And it typically grows in moist warm areas like food or still water. Having mold in your home can cause great health problems such as breathing difficulties and flu like symptoms. 

What Can You Do When You Get Mold In Your Home? 

Call a mold remover company. They will first get rid of the source of the problem, “sitting water”. The second step of course is to dry the affected area. If they don’t dry the area than chances are the mold would just come right back, and then all that work to get rid of it the first time was useless. Sometimes the affected area is not that simple however, sometimes the mold is so toxic that you need to have a full reconstruction of the area. A mold remediation st louis mo expert can testify to this process. 

How To Prevent Mold From Invading Your Home 

Eliminating any and all sources of water is the key to preventing mold infestation. Little problems turn into big problems if not taken care of right away. For instance, leaky pipes can cause sitting water in your walls and floors. You need to make sure you have good ventilation in all rooms that use water or have potential to have sitting water, such as, bathrooms, laundry rooms, and even roofs and attics. Making sure good ventilation are in these rooms helps, however, you must inspect everything to ensure that everything is draining and drying as they were designed to do. Including rain gutters, roofs, landscaped drains, washing machines, showers/bathtub, windows, and doors. 

How Do You Know If You Have Mold Sickness? 

The symptoms very from person to person because of their own genetic makeup. However, if you start developing these vast symptoms for no apparent reason and they are not due to another illness you have, or your doctor simply cannot figure out what is wrong with you, you may have mold sickness. These symptoms may include muscle aches, cramps, headaches, weakness, shortness of breath, cough, sore throat, abdominal pain, burning or red eyes, memory loss, dizziness, metallic taste in your mouth, numbness, rash, and even flushing of the face. All of these could be associated with mold sickness, and if your doctor is having trouble find out what is going on with you, then maybe you are experiencing mold sickness. 

How To Treat Mold Sickness 

Treatment of mold sickness also varies from person to person because the mold can attack one person in a different way than another. Therefore, blood tests are done to see exactly what the mold is effecting in that person. Once the doctors know what the mold is doing to that person’s health, the determining of the best treatment for it will proceed. Detoxing the mold from the body is one of the ways they treat it. For some, breathing treatments and saunas are suggested. Based on my research it can be a lengthy treatment process, depending on the person affected by the mold sickness.


Before Putting Belongings In Storage

If you’re moving or you need more space in your home, then taking your belongings to a storage unit is an option. If you’ve never used one before, there are a few tips to keep in mind so that your belongings don’t get damaged and so that you can easily find what you need when you move everything from the unit. Before you secure a unit and put items inside, you should look over the items that you have so that you get a unit that is large enough. 

There are a few things that you should look for when checking into storage facilities Everett WA offers. One is whether the unit is a self-storage that you can access at any time or a full-service unit that is a little more expensive but that offers more security and more options in protecting your belongings. Self-storage units are usually the best option if you know that you’re going to get belongings out of the unit from time to time and you’re in close proximity to keep an eye on your unit. 

Try to find a unit that’s climate-controlled. This means that the temperature won’t get too hot or too cold inside the unit. If you plan to store electronics or items that can easily break if they reach extreme temperatures, then this is a feature that you want to make sure the unit offers. Another feature that’s beneficial is video monitoring of the units on the property. Most facilities offer this kind of security, but if not, you can typically use any kind of lock that you want on the storage unit. You can also ask about insurance to protect your belongings. 

Look at the unit to ensure that it’s accessible at any time. Most facilities have a gate that has a keypad allowing entrance to your unit at any time of the day or night. When you store items, you will usually need to sign a contract and pay a deposit. Ask if you can get this deposit back when you remove your belongings from the unit. 

Find out what you can store. You usually can’t store liquids of any kind in a storage unit. It’s also not a good idea to store items that are flammable. Household items like beds, blankets, clothes, decorations, and furniture can usually be stored in a unit. Larger units sometimes have enough space for an ATV, a boat, or even a car if you need to store these items. Appliances can also be stored, but you should make sure they are empty and that the cords are secure. 

When you are ready to move your items into the unit, there are a few tips on how to position boxes and furniture. Heavy items should be near the floor. Try not to stack boxes too high to prevent them from falling over. Leave a pathway in the unit to make it easier to access your belongings. Clearly label all boxes with the words facing the door of the unit.


With Flood Cleanup Timing Is Essential To Prevent Further Damage

For homeowners that are confronted with damage from storms, the world can seem to be a bit topsy turvy for a while. Of all the types of damage that can affect a person’s home, storms are often one of the worst. While downed trees can cause damage to a home in a storm, one of the most difficult storm problems often come with water damage. For people who live near the ocean or waterways that are inclined to reach flood stages or be affected by storm surge, the damage from water in a home can be catastrophic. 

Even when a home is impacted by downed trees, there is a strong chance that flooding of that home can occur. This is especially true large amounts of rain occur after the tree penetrates the home. This situation can cause significant damage to interior furnishings, flooring, walls and electric. Water damage that is left unattended for any length of time can cause even more problems in a home. Damage from mold can seep into interior walls and eventually grow out of control making the home uninhabitable. 

The good news is there are ways to clean a home after a storm to help prevent significant mold build up and growth. Water damage after a storm can be especially problematic for coastal areas where pockets of flooding from storms can last for days or even weeks after a significant storm. This kind of water damage chesapeake va homeowners are familiar with when they live on the coast. Especially since coastal areas can be battered with severe coastal storms any time of year. 

First Response After Initial Flooding 

The first step in handling any type of flooding is to try to stabilize a home’s water intake. If the water seepage can be stopped after the storm has passed by some type of barrier, this is an important damage prevention measure. Once the standing water begins to subside, the flood clean-up can begin. It is important to remember that standing water over time can breed disease, mold and mosquito infestation. That is why securing the home against more water infiltration once the storm has passed is critical. If the water level flooding is minor, there is a chance that the lasting damage to the home will be minor as well. If the flooding has gone beyond a few inches or has lasted for longer than 1-2 days, the clean-up task will probably be more extensive. 

Understanding Flood Remediation 

In most cases where water levels go beyond this or stay for more than 1-2 days, a homeowner will need to get the help of a professional remediation team. Professional water damage contractors have equipment that most people do not have access to. Professional water remediation and clean-up crews use equipment to pump out excess water from flooding. Additionally, they use professional equipment to dry out the home in ways that will penetrate any water seepage in walls or sub-flooring. In most cases, furnishings and carpeting that have been exposed to excessive amounts of water will need to be removed and replaced. Water damage that seeps into cloth material of any type often will carry a musty smell that is very difficult to get rid of long after it has dried out.

Hiring a Professional for Your Remodeling Project

Let the professionals take control of your project. An expert team of professionals will have all of the necessary tools your commercial painting project needs to go smoothly and stay organized. 
A commercial painting contractor can tackle projects of any size. While you’re busy running your business as well as your personal life, hiring a professional painting business will take a lot of stress off you. Your whole project will go well with the guidance and organization of a qualified company. They will make every effort to work with your schedule and budget. Commercial paint contractors can clear your business of furniture and protect floors for a clean and professional job. 

A fresh coat of paint will update the look of any commercial business. Add updated design and style to any space by hiring wallpaper hangers and painters to quickly and efficiently complete a remodeling project. Commercial painting contractors are a growing field, with a 6% increase recently. With many new businesses in place, and existing businesses moving to compete with them, there are many projects for commercial painting contractors. They are in high demand because of their valuable skills and expertise in redoing paint and creating great paint jobs. 

Commercial painting contractors will work with your company every step of the way. They will discuss with you your vision and needs for the project. Whether you want creative and colorful wallpaper, a tasteful touch up on paint, or a combination, commercial painting contractors can provide solutions to your design goals. Hiring a commercial painting contractor atlanta ga connects you with a team that experienced and committed to providing excellent work. After the job is complete, a commercial paint contractor will also clean up the workspace so you can move in and enjoy their hard work. 

A commercial painting contractor can help you decide the right materials to use that will help the job look great and eventually you to save money. They will use their skills and partnerships to match you with the best quality tools available. Commercial painting contractors also have all of the ladders, scaffolding, paintbrushes, rollers, and crew that you need to make the job go smoothly and to exceed your expectations. Talking to a commercial painting contractor can help you decide the right direction for your business to go in with your painting project, and help you create a final product that will satisfy you, your employees, and customers for years to come. 
Wallpaper is another option that you can use to refresh your commercial business. It has been used since the 18th century to decorate interior spaces. You can even find custom wallpaper designs that can add a creative element to any interior space. Professional commercial painters know how to prepare a space for painting or wallpaper hanging and will leave the job site clean and organized so you can relax and enjoy the finished product. Find a local solution to your business need and hire a team to create a redesign that will wow you.

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