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Security and safety are something that all countries and states give grave importance to. The protection and the security of their lands, their people, the economy and the welfare of the state is always of the best interest of any state or country. Security is applied and is present in different facets of government – security in land, seas, economy, market, information and people, are all important and have to work well with together in order to provide a safe and secure environment for their people. This means that the safer and more secure the systems are, the better quality of living for the people of the country or of the state.

Something like maritime security is one of the facets that concerns security of countries, especially for those countries that are surrounded by bodies of water – countries like Singapore, Philippines, Malaysia or Taiwan, are very specific with their naval security. Naval Security is very important for countries that are reliant and dependent on transactions and trade performed in seas because of the dangers that sea trading imposes. Problems like smuggling of illegal goods are easily done overseas because of the wide borders that the sea can cover in a country.

One of the main threats that face and challenge naval security is the presence of piracy. Piracy are acts of crime and violence that are performed on the seas, and they are done in boats or other seafaring vessels towards another entity in a coastal. Piracy is believed to exist since the dawn of sea faring and the dawn of the ability of humans to navigate in the seas. One good notable history that concerns piracy are the history of the Viking pirates that date all the way back to the 9th century in the region of Asia, and when colonialism sparked – pirates and piracy have been more than present and rampant because of the physical visibility of sea vessels that were found in all regions. Pirate attacks are the reasons that international law and sovereign state have developed rules and regulations when it comes to trade done in the seas. But as the regulations on sea rules were tightened, so did the pirates – they evolved and grew in number as well.

With the number of problems that are raised by naval trade, piracy and smuggling have also sparked attention from international governing bodies, and also national and local government units. A lot of government units have been developing and gave been improving on their maritime policies in order to protect their nation from problems that may arise in international waters. 

International disputes might also occur in international waters – an example would be the arising of new islands in international waters that are shared by neighboring countries. These naturally occurring events such as arising islands can cause legal disputes overseas – and the United Nations would be responsible for sorting out these maritime related issues. But then, national and local maritime regulations might be able to hold off disputes and issues long enough for the United Nations to rule out decisions.

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