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When deciding to purchase homes there are security precautions that must be made in order for your family to feel safe. Many home buyers think that once they purchase a home with a gate on the perimeter or in a low crime neighborhood that their theft and burglary worries are behind them. Actually, according to Alarms.org, there is a burglary every 13 seconds. As a homeowner you never know when that burglary will become your home. Often times, homeowners invest in a gun for an added level of protection; however, they fail to realize that a quality home security system is what is needed to insure your home is protected and that you have evidence and a clear description of the criminal(s) for identification and prosecution. Many criminals like to burglarize a home when they see a home that is has little to no outside lighting and that has a lot of shrubs and trees surrounding the property. These are some of the characteristics that criminals look for when deciding to target a home. Low lighting is key because the criminals rather not be seen coming or identified, so little to no light is key to their anonymity. Further, criminals like homes that have a lot of trees and brush because this type of home layout gives the criminals plenty of blockage from outside pedestrians that can identify masked men roaming the inside of the home. 

There are several key elements to having a secure home security system and one of them is to have a professional install your cameras. In addition, you would want to insure your cameras are in view of the main entrances to your home, have them placed in well-lit areas, also have your cameras hardwired as opposed to linked to a Wi-Fi connection. Further, you want to insure that your camera system has a hard drive to store your recordings on for month at minimum. Lastly, homeowners should also place a camera at the driveway of the home facing the street because criminals sometimes leave suspicious trails that can be followed up until the day of their actual crime. Most amateur criminals park outside the residence late at night to stakeout the house to see who is home and to assess various entry points to your home. Having a well installed camera can record the vehicle and or license plate number of a potential criminal. When you have a quality security system you can ensure the protection and safety of your home, vehicles, and most importantly life. Take time to look online for the words such as security jobs in az

According to Safewise, burglars usually target a home about twice. Having a home security system that can allow you to monitor the interior and exterior of your home is pivotal in the overall safety of the things you value the most. Also, having a motion activated video home system will help insure your property is secure while you are away on vacation. In addition, you can link your system to your smart phone, which will allow you to view your cameras when you are away on vacation and you can receive messages when various areas have been breached. 


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