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Today, businesses have to invest in software and security to prevent data breaches. Long gone are the days where businesses primarily had to worry about people breaking into their businesses. Instead, they’re under threat from hackers. Many businesses upload valuable information on private servers. However, it can be possible for hackers to access those servers and steal the information located there. This data could be something extremely valuable like credit card information. Credit card information can be sold on the dark web where others can use the information to buy things with that credit card. The consequences of a data breach are severe. Not just for the business but for the customers as well. To ensure that your business doesn’t fall prey to a hacker, you should implement these methods for improving the security of your company. 

1. Secure Email

The email network in your company may seem harmless but it can actually be a gateway for hackers. You need a Business Email Security Gateway to ensure that anything coming into your workers is safe. The last thing you want is for a hapless employee to open up an email and expose the entire network to a virus. It’s all the hackers need in order to gain access to the valuable information stored in your company. By having email security, you can have someone filter each email coming from an unknown source outside of the company. This will ensure that only non-spam and effective emails can reach your workers. It’s just another step to tighten security for your company. 

2. IT Security Team

Besides a team checking the emails, you should also have an IT team devoted to protecting the vulnerable data. The last thing you want is to be notified hours after a breach has occurred. In order to limit the amount of damage that a hacker performs, you need to be able to act quickly. An IT team that is already monitoring everything will be able to respond the moment something looks suspicious. They can also provide you with real-time updates. This will ensure that you’re always in the know about the state of security in your business. 

3. Key Cards

Another avenue that you may wish to explore is physically restricting access to certain locations in your building. Hackers are only one part of the problem. You’re also still vulnerable to corporate spies. They can sometimes enter your company under the guise of an employee. One way to help prevent this physical breach is to install key cards and levels of access into your business. Not only can key cards prevent low-level employees from accessing areas with sensitive information but it can also help law enforcement narrow the number of suspects in the event of a breach. Only those with a specific key card would be able to access the room or piece of software. The suspect is likely one of those with a key card.

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