Is It Important to Be Secure?

Whereas a person may obtain a hearty laugh watching uniformed Otto of the children’s television program Odd Squad gyrate, leap, and by other dance moves done to the tune of “Dance Like Nobody’s Watching” navigate unscathed through an intricate manifestation of bright colored laser beams of Odd Squad’s lair’s intruder-combating device arrangement to rescue his poor trapped comrades after Oscar had inadvertently messed up the programming, whereas one may simultaneously amusedly muse on how that Kevin McCallister would have perhaps appreciated such protective technology while he was home alone combatting the bumbling burglarizing duo, the fact is that security of one’s person, one’s loved ones, automobile, business place, dwelling, and other whereabouts is in real life no joking matter. 

This world is full of dangers and knowledge of this ought to make the answering of the question “Why be secure?” quite easy to do. Only if someone is suffering from some psychological malady that makes him or her think in general that self, loved ones, and those under his or her care are not worthy of life and the efforts to keep life unharmed would the answer be flippant and inappropriate. Our concern herein, however, will be according to sanity. The focus will be on discussing security systems to cover all the bases. So…. 

What Ought To Be Secured? 

Wherever our person is or is expected to be there need be measures taken to be safe. But now, in the era of the internet, we are virtually in the computer world, and other humans, those who are inclined to criminality, being there also, that sort create dangers there, too. Therefore we need to employ not only measures and devices for protecting our actual person and literal places (consider The University of Wollongong and how they even tout on their website their utilization of cctv systems to keep their students and faculty members as well as any threats under surveillance with something like cctv systems wollongong) but for also protecting our online identities and properties. Indeed, this lattermost phenomenon of threat being a reality, the alarm and surveillance devices reliant upon the internet must themselves be protected. 

With What Can We Be Secured? 

Controversial though they may be, lethal weapons may need to be a part of one’s security system, lest a component of any other part of one’s system not be enough. At least a persuasive deterrent like an electrical shock or spray device should be on hand. But, regarding technology, there are just so many options for the securing of automobiles, homes, businesses, common areas, and online spaces that one has no reason to not form some system of protection and defense. For vehicles, there are burglar alarms that sound when a door is opened, window shattered, or ignition turned. Moreover, there are types which trigger to a chirp or all out blast when the vehicle is approached. Regarding buildings and outer areas, some neglect motion sensitive lights, though such are potent in deterring or at least in making threats visible. Just remember, initiative is necessary.

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