This Is Why Getting Rid Of Mosquitos Is Good For Both You And Your Pet

As pet parents, we are used to dealing with fleas and ticks because those are the parasites that we most often see on our pet. These parasites also can invade and multiply inside of our homes, so we tend to pay a lot of attention to them. What we often don’t do is concern ourselves with mosquitos. Mostly because we are used to seeing mosquitos as an irritating past. An insect that will bite you and leave you itchy for a couple of days but not something that we usually had to worry about. However, now things have changed. Mosquitos carry and transmit several diseases through their bite to both humans and pets.

Of course, you can do several things to protect yourself and your pet like applying topical insect repellant spray on and give your pet a heartworm pill but if you live in an area with a concentrated amount of mosquitos it might be best to think about contacting a past company and inquiring about mosquito control services. In order to truly be safe from the irritating and dangerous bite of mosquitos, you should ask a pest control company for a consult and price quote so look online for any mosquito control services Fayetteville GA and inquire about the best methods to control mosquitos.

Mosquitos transmit several serious diseases to humans around the world. Many of the people in the United States had no need to worry about mosquito bites because we had never heard of mosquitos transmitting a serious disease to a human in the United States. However, mosquitos became much more of a threat to our health when reports of mosquitos transmitting the West Nile Virus to humans in the United States aired on the news. It was then that people began to take mosquito bites much more seriously than they ever had before and started to make sure to apply frequent applications of insect repellent when outdoors. The threat of mosquito bites to the health of unborn babies increased when reports of mosquito bites transmitting the Zika Virus aired on the news. The transmission of the Zika Virus is much more detrimental to pregnant mothers because it affected their unborn babies. Though mosquitos can be a small and irritating insect they can most definitely affect the health of human beings and measures should be taken if you live in an area with a large number of mosquitos.

Though mosquitos can transmit many diseases to humans like malaria, West Nile Virus, Yellow Fever, the Zika Virus, and more the diseases that mosquitos transmit to humans typically vary by location. However, the most important mosquito-borne illness that is transmitted to both cats and dogs is heartworm disease. Consulting with a veterinarian for a heartworm preventative is the best measure to take for your cat or dog. However, there are other diseases that mosquitos can transmit from animals to humans, Zoonotic diseases, like Western equine encephalitis, so it is best to try to create a mosquito-free environment in addition to taking other measures like topical mosquito repellent spray for humans and heartworm medication for pets.


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