Experiencing a Bed Bug Infestation?

Bed Bug Infestation, these are the words of nightmares. Why are bed bugs infestation such a scary occurrence? Well, first let’s define what bed bugs look like. Bed bugs are small brownish colored insect with an oval shape. They are flat and can insert themselves into spaces the height of a credit card. They are about the size of an apple seed and the good news is they reproduce slowly with the ability to have one egg per day. If you suspect you have bed bugs infestation, look for brownish stains around your mattress and bed area. Since, they feed on blood they prefer to habituate close to the food source which is you or your family members. Bed bugs bites don’t initially hurt but turn into welts on the skin similar to a mosquito bite. So, to determine a truly have a bed bug infestation takes a little detective work. 

How To Determine You Truly Have A Bed Bug Infestation? 

* Upon waking you have itching 
* Dark blood colored stains on sheets in bed area. 
* A musty smell in the area where you suspect bed bugs. 
* Bed residue. Dead bugs, bed bug outer shells and such. 

If you believe you have been infested and have done a thorough inspection of your closet, bed area, carpeting basically anything or anywhere bugs can crawl and hide in the area you suspect bed bugs, then it’s time to call a professional. There are many companies that treat bed bugs such as any bed bug treatment cincinnati. However, I would recommend that you do some research first before making a call to a company in your area. Check out the company’s reviews, contact friends and family for a recommendation and check with the Better Business Bureau. If you’re already dealing with a bed bug infestation, you don’t want to add more stress to your life by choosing an inferior Pest Control company. 

How to Debug Your Home 

Here are some tips on how to debug your home if you suspect a beg bug infestation. 
Wash all Bedding and related items in hot water and then the hottest setting on your dryer. Non-washable items should be put in a hot dryer. Vacuum your mattress and making sure you get into the creases. Vacuum your carpeting making sure to get corners. Debugging your home may require throwing away suspected infected items. You may need to get rid of pillows and possibly replacing your mattress. A word of caution before bringing new or replaced items into the infected room make sure you have completed debugged the room otherwise your new items can become reinfected. 

Bed bugs are a serious worldwide problem partly due to global travel. In warmer weather bed bugs can live months without feeding but in colder temperatures they can live up to a year. They can survive in almost any area of the home not just the mattress. If you believe you are experiencing a bed bug infestation, do not procrastination. Take immediate action. 

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