The One Appliance No One Can do Without—The Refrigerator

The refrigerator is the one appliance that is a necessity in a house. People can do without a microwave, work around a broken oven or most other kitchen appliances but doing without a refrigerator means no way to keep food safe for eating. The problems with refrigerators can be caused by different reasons that may need repair or may just need the fan cleaned depending on what the unit is doing. 

Common Broken Refrigerator Symptoms

There are several symptoms refrigerators have that can help to determine the problem that needs to be fixed by a refrigerator repair san antonio tx professional or if the issue is serious enough to replace the unit with a new one. The Noisy Refrigerator: One of two reasons with one needing a part replacement may cause the unit noise and the other will not. A dirty fan on the unit can cause it to make a louder noise than normal and cleaning the fan can return the usual quite running. When it is not a dusty fan, it can be the evaporator fan motor in the freezer or the bottom condenser fan motor. 

Warm Refrigerator: If the refrigerator is too warm then it is possible the air inlet damper part has gone bad. Sweating Refrigerator Door: When the refrigerator is opened, and there is sweat on the door it is possible the door gasket seal needs to be replaced. Freezer Ice Maker: If the icemaker stops, working it can be one of several issues. The first is checking the water fill tubes for clogs or deterioration. The water inlet valve can go bad or even the motor for the icemaker. 

Water Dispenser Not Working: When the water dispenser stops, working on a refrigerator it is possible there is an inlet water valve problem or the dispenser actuator. Refrigerator is too Cold: If the refrigerator is too cold and even perhaps freezing foods it can be a problem with the temperature control or the thermometer. Freezer is too Cold: If the freezer is too cold it is possible the air damper or thermometer needs to replacement. 

Refrigerator too Warm: When the refrigerator is too warm one of the most common issues is a bad air inlet dampener.  Refrigerator and Freezer too Warm: When the refrigerator and freezer are too warm it can be one of several parts causing the problem. Starting with the defrost thermostat, the evaporator motor, evaporator fan motor, the defrost timer or the defrost heater.

Refrigerator Stops Running: When the refrigerator does not run or stay running, it is possible there could be a few parts that might go bad. The first part is the temperature control part, and the other is the compressor overload relay. Refrigerator Runs too Long: If a refrigerator runs too long, the problem may be in the thermostats or the defrost timer. 

The bottom line is when a refrigerator is not working right it can leave food unsafe and then the cost of replacing spoiled foods. This is a problem that needs a professional to repair the appliance since there are so many parts that can become faulty and it is impossible to go without this single appliance.

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