Taking Your Child To A 24-Hour Daycare

If you are a single parent with small children, you know how stressful to find someone to watch your child while you work. You have to work the shift that your jobs gives or face unemployment. So what are you going to do about finding a place to put your children? The answer is a 24-hour daycare. Whoever came up with the idea of having a daycare to operate around the clock is a lifesaver to many working parents who have to punch a time clock on many different shifts. This type of help goes a long way, and you are very grateful that somebody cared enough to open a business like this. 

The Benefits

Taking your child to a Long Hours Daycare noosaville has its benefits. If you work during the day, your child gets to enjoy a nice hot breakfast along with lunch and a snack. There are also learning activities to teach them things like reading and writing. Your child can get the benefit of starting their education early versus waiting until they are in school. As an infant, your baby is well cared for and nurtured. All daycares are supposed to be safe and offer a clean environment for your child to stay in. They are in good hands, and you will see that once you are the facility. Your child will get a chance to play with toys and other equipment for their enjoyment as well as take a nap. Also, if your child needs to be picked up from school, most daycares will go and them using their private school buses. If you have to work at night, you can drop your child off where they will get dinner and a snack. They may even get to watch several child-friendly movies and play. Before they go to bed for the evening, they can also get help with their homework. 

The Cost

It is no secret that daycare costs are rising year after year. A single week can cost up to $300 in the daycare system. With these childcare centers offering 24-hour service, the price each week can be very high. You are almost looking at $500 a child in some cases. You could probably get a discount if you have multiple children. Plus, you have to look at the fact that some 24-hour daycares require your payment to be weekly while others require that you pay monthly. If your child is being dropped off at night for care, the cost could arise from the fact that they have to be fed a nutritious dinner. That is an extra cost for the childcare compared to lunch and breakfast. Plus, you have staff that has to work these shifts to take care of your child. 

Putting your child into a 24-hour daycare is a good thing. You are not worrying about who is going to look after them while doing the night shift on your job. Enroll them now so that you can go to work.

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