A Little Rust Poses a Lot of Danger to You Car

There’s a lot to say about car ownership. It’s arguably one of the defining features of modern culture. It’s one of those things that are so important that we hardly ever really give them much thought. But really consider how much of our modern life is dependent on the ability to drive. 

We drive almost everywhere that we need to go. To be sure, we might be able to walk the distance that we usually drive. But it’d take an absurd amount of time to do that very often. Our day to day life is in many ways only possible because of our cars. But there’s even more to our cars than these conveniences. 

Cars are also something that we love for their own sake. A car isn’t just utilitarian. It’s quite a few other things on top of that functionality. For example, it’s an obvious investment. Cars tend to cost a lot. And this is true even when we are looking at it in little more than a utilitarian way. But the costs go up as we begin to consider aesthetic appeal. 

A beautiful and well crafted vehicle is something really amazing. It brings about an easy comparison with thoroughbred horses. The latter is a stunning animal that inspires simply by looking at it. And a high quality car does something very similar. However, the value of one’s investment is often in considerable danger. 

The biggest danger is also something so common that we hardly ever really think about it. That danger comes in the form of rust. Ironically, rust also hits cars in two different ways. A car’s strength comes from both beauty and performance. And rust erodes both the car’s beauty and the internal components which power it. 

There are some ways to fight the good fight against rust. Some of these are fairly well known. Just keeping your car protected from the elements will go a long way to keeping it rust free. And even giving the car a wash can help in some ways. But the main issue simply comes down to the extent of what you’re up against. 

In the early days of car ownership the smaller measures will probably be enough. The reason simply comes down to the chance that weather and time haven’t really built up much momentum. But this will change at a rather rapid pace. And this will call for stronger measures such as a rust inhibitor spray

This might not make much sense at first glance. But it can be better understood by considering the nature of exponential growth. Some things grow in a linear fashion. Basically, this is like adding two numbers. It’s tantamount to saying 2+2. But exponential growth differs from this process. It’s closer to an ever increasing series of multiplications. For example, it’d start out as 2×2. At the start, the answer to both is four. But linear growth would then proceed with either 4+4 or 4+2. Exponential growth moves on to 4×4 or 4×2. And that pattern will continue on as time progresses. 

The oxidation seen with rust can grow quite quickly as time goes by. But more powerful sprays can essentially interrupt this progression. They’ll stop either type of rust growth by interfering with the oxidation process. And in doing so it ensures that your investment will never be wasted.

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