Building a Strong Construction Team as a New Project Manager

Any project manager that has ever accomplished anything of significance achieved success partially because they had a strong team. On the surface, it sounds obvious. But if you take the time to really analyze companies that have been successful, you’ll find that they have been relentless and intentional about the development of their teams. 

Building a strong team when you’re a new project manager can be exceptionally difficult because sometimes you’re still trying to prove yourself. In fact, it can be difficult for new managers to gain a solid footing, especially if they have taken over a role that was held by someone that everyone loved. This is not an uncommon scenario. In fact, it’s one of the reasons why new managers don’t’ always succeed. There are often intentional efforts to thwart their success. You don’t want to become paranoid and start thinking your team is out to get you, but you want to be mindful of the fact that loyalties to your predecessor can be hard to overcome. 

One of the first things that you’ll want to do as a new project manager is communicate the fact that you value each person on the team. This can be done by conducting one-on-one meetings to develop a professional relationship that’s built on mutual respect. Simply put, employees tend to respect supervisors that demonstrate a sincere interest in their success. In order to show the employee that you value their role, you’ll need to truly understand the work they do on a daily basis. This will also help you to provide guidance and support on a regular basis. Additionally, it can help with the performance evaluation and development process. Whether you’re working on bathroom or a kitchen remodeling kansas city, performance should be a priority. 

As with any other relationship, communication is critical when you’re building a successful team. This means you’ll need to ensure effective communication, both in writing and in person. One of the best ways to communicate effectively is by facilitating regular construction project team meetings. These meetings should not be unnecessarily long, but instead, you should have an agenda for every meeting to outline what will be discussed. Your agenda should also include the outcomes that you hope to achieve during the meeting. 

In this current digital age, it’s easier than ever before to build a successful team because you have access to technologies and various digital resources that can make it easy to communicate on a regular basis – this ensures everyone is on the same page. Whether you choose video conferencing or text messaging, you can stay in contact with your team without as much effort as was required in the past. This is especially important if your team consists of individuals in the Generation Y age range because they expect far more contact than other generations. 

Finally, in order to build a strong team as a new manager, you’ll need to set clear and measurable goals so that everyone knows what’s expected of them. The best way to hit a target is to know where it’s located so that everyone can stay focused. Establishing and monitoring goals is a great way to set your team up for success.

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