Vaporizers Offer an Efficient Way to Smoke

The United States has seen a massive shift in its politics regarding cannabis over the last decade. It went from a mostly underground market to a place where one can visit a store designed specifically for cannabis sales. In some form or another, whether by medicinal or recreational use, people all over the country are smoking their fair share of cannabis. 

Why People Smoke

People use cannabis for a number of reasons and it isn’t always through the use of smoking. There are a number of different ways to consume cannabis like through a vape pen or edible. Cannabis is used around the world for healing, inspiration, creative projects, for relaxation and for social gatherings among many other uses. The real answer to the riddle of why people use cannabis depends on the individual but it has several purposes and benefits. 

Some like to get creative projects completed while under the influence of cannabis, working diligently to fit the colors in the right shapes, and the patterns in the right ranges of motion. Other people like to do absolutely nothing while on cannabis, using the time to discover peace and quiet. Many people around the world use cannabis as a medicine for physical and mental healing. 

Smoking as a Medicine

Many people smoke cannabis medicinally. There have long been research debates on the health effects of cannabis, with few being able to deny its positive results on the body. It can help with things like anxiety, migraines and nausea. 

The two most common compounds found in cannabis that allow the cannabinoids to communicate with the brain’s various censors are called THC and CBD. The effects of these two compounds are a bit different but they complement one another. CBD doesn’t have any psychoactive effects, so it can be taken alone to help out with a number of things from ADHD to pain relief associated with arthritis. As a medicine, it is a safe alternative to a number of different painfully addicting pain medications. 


There are many strains available to smoke and they fall under two broad categories: sativa and indica. Sativa will elevate the energy within the body and make someone feel stimulated both physically and mentally. Indica strains will relax a person. There are also hybrid strains that mix the two together. There are many ways to smoke and one doesn’t have to visit a vape store denver co to get the most out of his experience, but it is a place to start. 

Vaping is One Way to Consume

Vaporizers are perhaps the most convenient way for a person to smoke cannabis. They are pen shaped devices that can easily be carried around and used in most places. These devices are generally filled with oil cartridges and vaporize the cannabis as opposed to lighting it on fire. This is a way for the body to efficiently process marijuana without getting some of the negative compounds associated with smoking the herb.

How to Choose Your Ideal Vape

With a growing demand for smoking alternatives, the vape market has grown exponentially over the last decade. And with so many options, it can be difficult to navigate the vaping market, and know what will be the best option for you without wasting money. There is a large variety of options, and a wide price range on these products. 

One of the most popular options for vaping is the e-cigarette. These e-cigarettes, also referred to as e-cigs, come in many different looks. Some come looking like a real cigarette or cigar. But others resemble more of a pen shape. These pens are generally rechargeable and use replaceable cartridges or pods. These e-cigarettes are easy to use, and fairly affordable. But a few of the downsides of these e-cigarettes are the limited nature of the cartridges. The flavors and the amounts are limited to the manufacture, and depending on the quality of the cartridge, have been known to leak on occasion. 

The next option when it comes to vaping is the vape pen. These pens offer a little more customization. These vape pens also use e-liquid instead of cartridges or pods. Vape pens can be broken down into a few core pieces. That way if one piece breaks, it is possible to just replace one part instead of the entire pen. These pieces include the tank, atomizer, sensors, and battery, along with a charger. The tank is the piece that holds the e-liquid. These can come in different materials, such as glass, plastic, or metal. Options that are clear work well to see how much e-liquid is in the pen. The atomizer is the heating element that converts the e-liquid into a consumable vape form. The sensors come in two varieties. Some vape pens require a button to work, while others simply hitting it allows for vapor to form. The battery is generally a rounded stick, with a similar appearance to a pen. The charger for these pens are almost always usb based, and can be charged by anything with a usb outlet. This is a great option for beginners and veteran vape smokers alike. The profile of these pens are generally small, and easy to carry. The e-liquids come in many flavors, and these pens can still be found pretty affordably. 

A few of the downsides of these pens are the atomizers will need replacing. Eventually they burn out. Atomizer coils generally last anywhere from a few weeks, to upwards of two months. Another downside of these pens are the lack of customization. That’s where box mods come in. Mod’s include a bigger battery, along with a digital screen. These are the most advanced form of vaping, as well as the most expensive. These can customize the settings, and maximize the amount of vape produced. It’s recommended to visit a vape store Denver Co to really get an idea of all the options and their capabilities. 

Overall the vape market has grown so large, that there is an option for everyone. Understanding your needs and wants with vaping is important to know when choosing a vape. But with almost any budget, someone can start vaping.