Considering Pest Control? Here’s what you need to Know

Most people can say that they have dealt with pests in their homes. It does not matter whether they have dealt with only spiders, only termites, only rodents, or some other type of pest. There is absolutely no home-owner that one can think of that has not ever dealt with the frustration of a pest. When considering cleansing our homes the first thing that comes to mind is bug sprays or death traps. Yeah sure, bug sprays sometimes take care of some problems. However, the reality of the spray actually functioning and taking care of the problem from the root is very low. When problems, as big as cockroach problems, arise we know things need to be taken differently at hand. That’s when Pest Control comes into action. 


Everyone feels safe in their homes. So when disease-carrying pests come unwelcomed into our homes it automatically makes us feel threatened. When we opt to take action and buy our own hazardous sprays, with chemical fumes, we put our loved ones at risk. The reality of opting for Pest Contol experts is way safer for us. 

Methods that Don’t exactly Work 

We like to think to ourselves that we don’t need much help. That we can do almost everything a professional can do. Again, the reality of this is far from it. Professional Pest Control experts are down right to it when they acknowledge the root of the problem. When we try and take down disease-driven pests we usually take down the one in front of us. We tend to forget that spiders, and other types of pests, leave their eggs and young around our homes. 

They Check Where We Don’t 

Who wants to look in the attic? As silly as this may sound, it is very true. When we think that we have gotten to be professional Pest Controllers another problem arises. In the kitchen, in the living room, or even in the bathroom. When hiring professionals they make sure that your home really is completely pest free. 


Aside from the life-threatening diseases pests carry, the biggest loss you can get from pests is the loss of your furniture. It’s quite amazing really that such small little creatures are more than capable of causing wood damage, along with ruining clothes and everything in your closet. Termites are the primary problem for property damage, of course aside from human-driven incidents or accidents.

Saves Time and Money 

Everyone wants to save money there’s no doubt about that. So when it comes to saving time and money while combating insects and rodents we know that in the end, it just comes down to pest control services. By hiring pest control services Temecula ca, we know that not only our homes but also our loved ones are safe from the attack of disease driven pests. By hiring exterminator companies we know that the equipment that is being used is nothing but the latest and most innovative way to eliminate pests from home.


This is the only method that is almost 100% effective to finally defeating or driving away from your homes those unwanted guests. Exterminator companies sometimes offer some discounts so why not maximize the opportunity and save money by not needing new roofs, new furniture, or new clothes due to pests. With all of this in mind, we know that the reality of getting things done the right way will obviously save us time and money, not to mention keeping our children and loved ones safe.


Experiencing a Bed Bug Infestation?

Bed Bug Infestation, these are the words of nightmares. Why are bed bugs infestation such a scary occurrence? Well, first let’s define what bed bugs look like. Bed bugs are small brownish colored insect with an oval shape. They are flat and can insert themselves into spaces the height of a credit card. They are about the size of an apple seed and the good news is they reproduce slowly with the ability to have one egg per day. If you suspect you have bed bugs infestation, look for brownish stains around your mattress and bed area. Since, they feed on blood they prefer to habituate close to the food source which is you or your family members. Bed bugs bites don’t initially hurt but turn into welts on the skin similar to a mosquito bite. So, to determine a truly have a bed bug infestation takes a little detective work. 

How To Determine You Truly Have A Bed Bug Infestation? 

* Upon waking you have itching 
* Dark blood colored stains on sheets in bed area. 
* A musty smell in the area where you suspect bed bugs. 
* Bed residue. Dead bugs, bed bug outer shells and such. 

If you believe you have been infested and have done a thorough inspection of your closet, bed area, carpeting basically anything or anywhere bugs can crawl and hide in the area you suspect bed bugs, then it’s time to call a professional. There are many companies that treat bed bugs such as any bed bug treatment cincinnati. However, I would recommend that you do some research first before making a call to a company in your area. Check out the company’s reviews, contact friends and family for a recommendation and check with the Better Business Bureau. If you’re already dealing with a bed bug infestation, you don’t want to add more stress to your life by choosing an inferior Pest Control company. 

How to Debug Your Home 

Here are some tips on how to debug your home if you suspect a beg bug infestation. 
Wash all Bedding and related items in hot water and then the hottest setting on your dryer. Non-washable items should be put in a hot dryer. Vacuum your mattress and making sure you get into the creases. Vacuum your carpeting making sure to get corners. Debugging your home may require throwing away suspected infected items. You may need to get rid of pillows and possibly replacing your mattress. A word of caution before bringing new or replaced items into the infected room make sure you have completed debugged the room otherwise your new items can become reinfected. 

Bed bugs are a serious worldwide problem partly due to global travel. In warmer weather bed bugs can live months without feeding but in colder temperatures they can live up to a year. They can survive in almost any area of the home not just the mattress. If you believe you are experiencing a bed bug infestation, do not procrastination. Take immediate action. 

Does Your Home Have a Rat Problem?

Nobody wants to have their home infested by rats, but unfortunately, it can happen. It’s important to call rodent control services Temecula CA as soon as you suspect that you might have an infestation in your home. A rodent infestation can cause a lot of unpleasant issues in your home. It’s important to remember that just because you have never seen a rodent in your home it does not necessarily mean that you don’t have a problem. There are a few signs that you should look for that indicate that you may have an infestation in your home. 

You See Animal Waste 

Exposure to rat feces can cause a variety of health problems that range from infections to respiratory problems. Their urine can also cause a lot of problems and can be dangerous to people with allergies or respiratory issues. Rats have been responsible for a lot of breakouts of serious diseases like the Bubonic Plague that killed a large part of the population of Europe. 

Chances are that you will see the rats’ waste before you actually see some of the animals themselves. This is a pretty common feature in a lot of different types of infestations because a lot of the pests happen to be nocturnal. If you are trying to inspect for their waste, look in dark spaces and along the edges of walls where they are likely to travel through your home. 

Look for Their Paths

Rats tend to travel the same routes rather often and over time this leaves its mark on the areas. In surfaces like grass, you may be able to find the paths in which they have been running back and forth as it wears down the vegetation. You will also likely find feces and urine on these runs as well. 

Look for Nests 

Rats can nest on the outside or inside of your home and it’s important to look everywhere. In your yard, you may find nests in the space between the roots of trees, the edges of drain covers and paving, and in grassy embankments. You may be able to find these nests by following the paths that they have made in the grass and low vegetation. Inside, you will want to check areas such as under the floorboards, your attic, or lofts. They tend to stay in dark places without much traffic when making their home in yours. 

You See Marks 

Rats tend to leave scratch marks with both their paws and their sharp teeth. They like to gnaw on a lot of different materials and enjoy wood and plastic in particular. If you find damage that looks like something has been chewing on the item, chances are that they have, and you might need to take care of a problem with rodents. Some of the most common places to find holes and gnaw marks on include walls and floorboards. Rat holes are much larger than the ones made my mice and also much rougher.


How To Deal With A Commercial Pest Infestation

There is absolutely nothing fun about finding an infestation at your place of business. Whether you run a warehouse or an office building, pests can represent an unwelcome intrusion. Not only are pests a visual indicator that your cleanliness standards may be slacking, but they are also a very real liability! Whether you are talking about roaches or rates, a pest infestation can lead to potential sickness in the workplace. Unfortunately, all commercial business owners will eventually have to deal with a pest problem. Fortunately, we are here to help you out when it comes time to deal with the issue. 

Dealing With Commercial Pests 

There are a wide variety of commercial properties and each one will have its own unique problems relating to pests. It is easy to imagine a giant industrial warehouse suddenly having a problem with mice just as it is easy to see an office building have to deal with some kind of smaller bug. The important thing to know in these situations is that you’ll need to call on good commercial pest control Sydney has to offer. However, before you call on your favorite pest control provider, you’ll need to take stock of the situation. Here is what you can do when facing a pest situation at work. 

1) Identify The Issue – The first thing you’ll want to do is document the potential pest issues that you are facing. If you can locate droppings or scratch marks that might indicate what you are dealing with, having these photos handy will be of great assistance to your pest control team. Additionally, knowing what you are dealing with will allow you to confidently close down the building or shut down certain parts of the building until the problem is dealt with. 

2) Take A Deep Breath – Having a pest problem can feel almost like a violation of your personal space. While obviously, these pests aren’t doing what they do as a personal affront to you, it can still feel that way. If you are prone to anxiety, you might want to take a moment in order to take a deep breath. Pest problems happen in even the nicest of buildings, so don’t immediately assume that anyone is at fault for the problem that you are dealing with. 

3) Call On A Local Pest Control Team – Finally, you are going to want to call on the best local pest control team that you can find. Prioritize hiring a pest control team that has an extensive resume of success in the field as well as feedback and referrals from people that you trust. You can also prioritize pest control companies that engage in humane or eco-friendly pest control techniques, though that is up to you. Make them aware of your problem and get the team on location as soon as possible. 

When dealing with pests you might feel compelled to panic. Don’t do that. Instead, sit back and let the professionals take care of the job so that you can get back to work. 


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