Getting Your Own Freightliner Truck

Working on a job where you have no supervisor there to see everything you are doing is most people’s dream come true. There are jobs that provide that type of perk and driving a freightliner is one of them. If you like the idea of being alone on the road and enjoying some peace that you can’t get in an office building, why not drive trucks for a living. In order to do that you have to have a CDL license and an actual 18 wheeler. You can find a freightliner truck new or used and where they are sold so that you can be an independent trucker. 

Where To Buy An 18 Wheeler 

If you are wondering where to get an 18 wheeler from, you may have to google a few places to see who has them for sale. You could probably buy the truck part of it at an actual dealership and find the cargo part elsewhere, or you could find both parts together for sale. You may have to put money down or if the trucking company that you are working for sales them, they can take that amount plus insurance out of your pay. That would be the best idea because your payments would never be late. Also, you can find many freightliner trucks for sale at any large 18 wheeler truck location that would be happy to finance one for you. Just make sure you have the adequate full coverage insurance for this vehicle. You are going to be on the road with people may or may not understand how to drive around these types of trucks. You need to make sure that your insurance stays up to date. Plus, the trucks are known to get into situations where they will jackknife. When you get your truck to be very careful with your turns and your driving on the freeway. 

Buying Used Versus New 

If you want to buy a used Freightliner, that would have the cheaper route. Your monthly payments are going to come out cheaper and you are going to pay less on the insurance premium. You could buy new but your note is going to be very high. When buying used, you do need to be careful of whether or not the truck will function correctly. You do not want to be on the road by yourself with a lemon. Be sure to find out all of the information you can before making the purchase. If you are buying new then that is an issue you don’t have to deal with although some used freightliner are a good source of reliable transportation when dealing with hauling goods. You can test drive you a new freightliner and decide if going with that one is feasible. 

Getting your own freightliner is the best part of the job. 18 wheelers are a privilege to drive and you could be on the road now hauling loads to different dock points. Get your 18 wheeler now.

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