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Buying a car from a dealership is a little nerve wracking. However, underneath all the glitz and glamour is a simple business transaction. Oftentimes this transaction is a little one sided as dealerships tend to know more than your average consumer, but today’s buyers have a wealth of resources to even the playing field. If you want to close the deal in the best way possible here are some things you should do and some things your should avoid.

DO: Research

The best way to approach a dealership is through the internet. Before you ever set foot on a lot make sure you thoroughly check out the company first. Look at their ratings, reviews, and seek out any recommendations. Also, make sure you research the vehicle as well. Check  ratings and reviews, look into how its stack up to other cars, and ensure the dealership you are looking into actually has it. You can start with any nissan dealership md

DON’T: Overlook the Shop 

One pitfall many consumers fall into is that look at the dealership primarily and ignore the other facets of the business. For instance, many dealership that sell old and new cars offer warranties. These warranties involve the auto shop connected to the dealership. If that shop is not a reliable source of repair than all manner of trouble can follow. Additionally, their customer service department is terrible. Remember, buying the car does not necessarily end your relationship with the dealer. It just makes you the responsibility of another department.

DO: Use Credit Card for Down Payment

As dealers can be untrustworthy is it important to protect yourself any way you can. One way it to use a credit card to pay the down payment. One reason is that dealership tend to go out of business, especially independent ones. Paying with a credit card allow you to challenge the payment because you will be dealing with the car issuer.

DON’T: Sign Anything that is Blank

This is sort of obvious but if the dealer hands you a form with items left blank leave the signature line blank as well. Once again, dealers can be a bit untrustworthy so to protect yourself from false information always read everything they hand you. Dot ever ‘i’ and cross every ‘t’. If anything is blank demand that they fill it before you sign.

DO: Walk Out If Necessary

A big part of buying a car is negotiation. Research allows you to prepare as you can bring in estimated dealer costs as well as competitor prices to bargain with. However, if you iron out a price and the dealer tires to raise it do not hesitate to walk away. Also, make sure you focus on the overall price of the vehicle and not just the monthly payment. Any wiggle room provided a dealer give them the opportunity to glean more money off of you. Remember, it is business transaction and both sides want to come away ahead.


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