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When it comes to replacing a car, or purchasing a new vehicle, there are a lot of things to look for along with finding the right dealership that can meet your needs. Ford dealerships have a great background, and positive testimonies when it comes to their vehicles, and there is one specific vehicle that is a great catch when it comes to those who have a family and need some space in the back for loading their car for trips, activities, and anything you can possibly think of. For those looking for a lot of space and and need a lot of room for a big family, there is a certain type of SUV that looks great and has positive feedback’s overall. 

Great Car Of The Year 

For the year 2019, the Ford Ecosport has several great features on this vehicle that would be great for those looking to save money. This vehicle when it comes to mileage has a standard city/highway 27/29 MPG, which is excellent on gas and can fit up to five people in the vehicle. This vehicle comes with many outstanding features that can accommodate a whole family while driving. If this is a vehicle of interest, one way of looking for a ford ecosport cincinnati oh is online. There will be several dealers that show up that is located near your area. 

Special Features This Vehicle Carries 

Inside this vehicle there are certain features such as leather interior to bring a comfortable setting for everyone seated inside, along with 4G LTE Wi-Fi available for those that want to play on their laptops, Ipads, and cellphones. We all know how children are lately with technology so this would be of great use for those with a family. To obtain this awesome feature, you will need the FordPass Connect, which brings forth a year subscription that begins with the day this vehicle is purchased. Anything after a year the owner will have to pay an extra fee but a year subscription is a great way to start off in this vehicle alone. This vehicle also carries an 8 inch colored LCD Touchscreen, that brings forth a radio and special features that can be obtained. This can also allow movies to be watched inside when going on long lasting trips. There also contains USB ports and a 110V outlet that is located in the rear of the car. One thing is certain, you can always keep your devices charging while driving. When it comes to the LCD Touchscreen, Sync3 located inside the device is Apple and Android Combatible. For those who love listening to music, Serius XM is also included in this package. This vehicle is starting a $19,995 which is an affordable price and carries a 1.0L Ecoboost Engine with an Auto Start/Stop type of technology. The Ford Ecoboost is turbocharged and can deliver the power needed to get you anywhere you need to be. Below are two resourceful links explaining more about this vehicle.

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